Han’s Kombucha Flavors

Darn Good Booch

We use fresh and thoughtfully sourced produce and teas in our brews. When possible we focus on local ingredients, grown with love by our community. Explore our current flavors below!

Current Flavors

Han's Kombucha - Cheers Queers White Peach Champagne

White peach champagne booch? Yes, please! Perfect for sipping this summer.

Han's Kombucha Ginger Hibiscus

A warm, spicy and subtle tart mix made to boost your immune system and bring a big smile to your face.

Han's Kombucha Pineapple Cactus Nectar

The bright, juicy, tropical flavor of fresh-cut pineapple mixes perfectly with the subtle sweetness of our unique organic Cactus Nectar tea blend.

Han's Kombucha Grapefruit Rosemary

The “just right” sweet and tart from the juiciest grapefruits, precisely balanced with savory notes of fresh organic rosemary.

Han's Kombucha Raspberry Rose

The perfect balance between a delicate sweetness offset by just a hint of tart.

Han's Kombucha El Tigre Blood Orange Cardamom

Bright citrusy sweetness from the blood orange with pops of grassy lemon, spruce needle spice from the cardamom.

Han's Kombucha I'd Pick You Apricot Thyme

A lovely blend of ripe sweetness and savory notes, perfect for any season!

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