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Join us at the Pangea Film Tour in Salt Lake City for the NEW ski movie from Lupe Hagearty, exclusive giveaways, and a free signed poster!

Don’t miss out on the final stop of the Pangea Film Tour in Salt Lake City, UT! Featuring the new documentary from Lupe Hagearty, ski films from iF3 nominated skiers Carson Sharp and Sam Belanger-Dallaire, exclusive giveaways, athlete appearances, a free poster and drinks from HK Brewing!

Giveaway items include:

  • LP Skis from Deviation Works
  • Sunglasses from Hilx
  • Goggles from Hilx
  • T-Shirts from Pangea, Hilx and Roxa
  • Hats from Pangea and Hilx
  • Brain Health, Immunity and Sleep Gummies from OMFG Gummies

Headline Film:
 ‘Lupe’ (Directed by Ethan Herman)

Luke ‘Lupe’ Hagearty has always had to hustle for everything in his life. After his mother passed suddenly when he was 5 and his father battled addiction, he and his sister struggled to make ends meet. When his extended family took him skiing in Vermont to escape life at home, he fell in love with the sport.

Now 30 and living in Salt Lake City, Lupe has had a successful career as a pro-skier for over a decade, filming with legends Tanner Hall and Tom Wallisch and competing in X Games Real Ski in 2021. But the challenge is far from over. Despite living out his dream, Lupe still struggles to have the financial security to one day have a family of his own, grinding each year to renew sponsorships and continue living out his dream.

As the Christmas holidays approach, he travels home to his family in Hartford, CT, confronting his difficult past and reflecting on his career, trying to figure out what is next.

Additional Films:

  1. ‘VVX Reloaded’ (by Carson Sharp)
  2. ‘Introspection’ (by Sam Belanger-Dallaire)

What others are saying about ‘Lupe’:

“Lupe Hagearty not only brings style, creativity, and serious wow factor to urban riding, but he pours his heart and soul into what he does, and that comes across vividly in ‘Lupe.'” – Scott Gaffney, Matchstick Productions

“I’ve seen very few athletes work so hard and consistently push themselves as Lupe has over the years. This raw and honest film is a testament to his dedication to the sport, and what it’s given him in return.” – Josh Berman, Level 1 Productions

“Lupe is one of skiing’s few true grinders. He’s built a career away from the competition circuit, on blood, sweat, and tears. He remains underrated despite a decade of pushing it in the streets. His story is one well worth discovering.” – Twig Spensley, Newschoolers

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